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Beach Properties in Coronado


Beach Properties in Coronado

  • Only an hour away from Panama City is the largest and most developed beach area in Panama.
  • We do not mean the city of Coronado, but the region of Coronado, which is 30 minutes drive in both directions from the city along the coast.
  • There are of course even more beautiful and breathtaking beaches in Panama, but the good infrastructure and leisure facilities make the region so attractive
  • On the beautiful beaches of Coronado you will find all the necessities of daily life such as restaurants, supermarkets, nightlife and medical care.
  • Thus, one is independent from the metropolis Panama City, but nevertheless close enough to be able to dive into the city life at any time.

Beach Properties in Coronado

  • The mountain range of Panama with the popular mountain village “El Valle de Antón” and always springlike temperatures is only about 45 minutes away by car.
  • The area is one of the driest and sunniest in Panama, so that the bathing season lasts 10 months of the year.
  • In the Coronado area there are about 15 housing complexes. However, due to the location and the value for money, only a few of these are of interest to us.
  • Some of these residences include a golf course, beach clubs, hotel and restaurants
  • For such apartments on the beach in good locations and qualities you pay in this area about 2,500 USD / sqm, which corresponds to the prices in Panama City

Beach Properties in Coronado

  • The Coronado region has its own international airport.
  • In contrast to Panama City, Airbnb rentals are allowed here, so you can rent your apartment in Coronado for good returns.
  • Renters are people (locals and expats) who live in the city and spend their weekend and annual vacation here and tourists from Europe and North America.
  • No matter whether you want to use your apartment in Coronado yourself or as a yield property, we will gladly help you with your real estate in Panama.

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