Mega Infrastructure Projects

Why Panama?

For years Panama has been investing most of its Canal income in mega infrastructure projects. These are the latest:

Why Panama?

Airport Expansion

  • Today the American air traffic hub with over 80 direct connections.
  • More direct connections than any other South American airport.
  • New modern terminal in Panama City to be completed in 2022.
  • Further extension of the route network and capacity.
Why Panama?

Metro lines

  • Panama has the only metro system in Middle America.
  • Lines 1 and 2 have cost around 1.5-2 billion US dollars, the entire annual income from the Canal.
  • Line 1 was completed in 2014.
  • Line 2 was finished in 2019.
  • Line 3 will cross the canal and construction will start in 2022.
  • Additional lines are being designed.
Why Panama?

Conference Centre

  • The biggest conference and event center in Central America was completed  in Panama City in 2021.
  • This will host international congresses and major events in the future.
Why Panama?

Cruise ship terminal

  • Until now there was only one large cruise ship harbour, on the Caribbean side of the Canal.
  • Another cruise terminal in Panama City completed in 2021.
  • This will lead to many more tourists and a correspondingly higher demand.
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