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Panama Visa / Second place of residence in Panama

Panama ranks No.1 of the best “Retirement Haven 2019” and as one of the best real estate locations in the world. If you are looking to emigrate to Panama or to have a second residence in Panama, we are happy to assist you with our team of lawyers. Panama makes it relatively easy for interested people to officially obtain a residence permit in Panama. Here you can find the most important types of visas in Panama.

Destination Panama

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For Tourists

  • Eu passport holders can stay for up to 6 months without a visa.

Panama Friendly Nations Visa

  • For 47 selected countries
  • Unlimited residence permit in Panama
  • The Panama Friendly Nations Visa has no maturity and has only the condition that you are in Panama at least once every two years
  • Clearly defined process for obtaining your visa for Panama after 4-6 months
  • Requirements are e.g: Opening a bank account in Panama (minimum deposit USD 5,000) & incorporation in Panama
  • We support you with the opening of your bank account in Panama and the incorporation of your company with our team of lawyers
  • Required documents are: passport, identity card, police certificate of good conduct (with apostille), proof of income
  • Approximate Costs for the residence permit in Panama with the “Friendly Nations” visa (as of July 2021):
    • Visa: 3,750 USD one-time fee
    • Company foundation: 1,500 USD one-time
    • Bank lobby service: 550 USD one-time
  • You should plan two trips to Panama. The first trip (min. 10 – 14 days) is to apply for and receive the temporary residence permit. The second trip is then to collect the permanent residence permit. This is possible after 4-6 months.
  • The requirements for the Friendly Nations visa have been stricter since August 06, 2021. Then, among other things, a real estate investment of 200,000 USD will be required. Click on our Factsheet Visa & Invest for more information. 

Panama visa for pensioners

  • For all retirees who receive a monthly pension of at least 1000 US dollars from their home country
  • Unlimited residence permit in Panama
  • Large discounts for restaurants, hotels, cultural events, hospitals etc

...or for

  • Real estate investments from 300,000 USD
  • Panama stock market investments from 500.000 USD (minimum for 5 years)
  • Fixed deposit accounts from 750,000 USD (at least for 5 years)
  • For the three types of visas mentioned above, it is possible to apply for the so-called “Golden Visa” from abroad and to receive the permanent residence permit after only 30 days.
  • Company founders in job creation
  • Wood Reforestation Investments (Timber, etc.)

The Panama Friendly Nations Visa is typically the easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Panama and to fulfill your dream to emigrate to Panama.

After five years of possession of the permanent residence permit, you can apply for your Panama Citizenship and Panama Passport. For this you must complete a Spanish test, among other things.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a residence in Panama.


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