Living in the mountains with a medical centre
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Mountain resort of Boquete


  • In the middle of beautiful nature, the apartment complex Pinoalto in Boquete is being built and offers attractive investment opportunities.
  • The special feature of the project is that a medical facility is located in the complex.
  • One of Panama’s most renowned building developers builds this residential property in Boquete.
  • The town of Boquete is very popular with both expatriates and tourists because of its beautiful nature. Likewise, many appreciate the spring-like temperatures that prevail in the mountainous region all year round.
  • In addition, the cost of living is significantly lower than in Panama City.
  • If you like to go to the sea or have to travel frequently, beautiful beaches and the nearest airport (40 minutes to Panama City) are within an hour’s drive. 
Mountain resort of Boquete


  • There will be 98 apartments in Boquete with a size between 95sqm – 145sqm.
  • The flats in Boquete will have 2 or 3 bedrooms and without exception a balcony. These will either face the social area and canyon (with afternoon sun) or the other side towards the horse facility (morning sun).
  • All units will have full bathrooms and high quality kitchens.
  • Air-conditioning, on the other hand, will not be part of the equipment, as this is usually not necessary in Boquete.
Mountain resort of Boquete


  • Purchase prices start from approx. 330,000 USD.
  • Construction started at the beginning of 2024 with a planned construction period of 18-24 months.
  • The purchase price is based on the progress of construction and will therefore be paid in stages.
  • The Pinoalto project in Boquete is also very attractive for investors. This is because it is possible to rent out the flats on a long-term basis, but also on a short-term basis.
  • There is a management company on site that takes care of the letting.
  • By buying one of the properties, you qualify for a residence permit in Panama and thus for your Plan B in Panama. For more information on the different visas, please visit this page
Mountain resort of Boquete


  • The apartment complex “Pinoalto”in Boquete offers a wide range of leisure facilities.
  • In addition to areas for co-working, owners and tenants have access to a fitness gym, whirlpools, restaurants and many other social areas.
  • You can either invest in your own residence here or make a profitable capital investment and offer short or long-term rentals with the help of the management company.
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