Why Panama?

Why Panama?

Country & People

  • Democratic government, no own military
  • 4.2 million inhabitants, 40% in Panama City
  • Young population (average age 26 years / Germany 43 years)
  • Language: Spanish / due to USA history also English


  • With an average of 6% p.a. GDP growth one of the fastest growing countries in the world
  • USD is the national currency
  • There are more than 250 multinational companies in Panama; more than 130 have their Latin American headquarters here
  • Second largest free trade zone in the world


  • USA protects Panama’s borders and guarantees security
  • The safest country in Central and South America
  • Panama’s constitution protects private property and the land register
  • The purchase process is very similar to that of Europe and the USA

Location & Logistics

  • Logistics and trade centre of the American continent
  • Expansion of the Panama Canal completed in June 2016, resulting in a doubling of the canal’s loading capacity
  • American air transport hub, connecting the USA with South America. More than 80 direct connections


  • The climate on the coasts is summery all year round, while in the mountain regions it is spring all year round
  • The average temperature on the coasts is 28 degrees (21 degrees at night), in the mountains an average of 18 degrees, with hardly any monthly differences in temperatures. In Panama, a distinction is made between the dry season (December – April) and the rainy season (May – November), although the sun often shines even in the rainy season. Bathing weather prevails all year round
  • No hurricanes
  • No severe earthquakes


  • Dreamlike coasts of the Pacific and the Caribbean with spring-like mountains and one of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world
  • Expansion of the tourism industry in the focus of the government
  • Lufthansa flies directly to Panama

Our Service

We at FRAPAN-Invest Corp. support you in the purchase of your profitable and secure property in Panama. In addition to the brokerage and professional handling of the purchase process with our local partners. Furthermore, we take care of the management of your property and offer you a sustainable service from a single source.

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