Our Offer

Our offer

We would like to enable you to diversify and protect your investments.

Our offer

Capital preservation and yields

Through real estate investments in Panama we can satisfy the following needs:

  • Genuine capital preservation and protection from inflation.
  • Regular returns at a time of low interest rates.
  • Long-lasting, valuable investments.
  • Asset protection from monetary, political and capital market risks.
  • Long-term asset security.
Our offer


We offer you access to a significant class of assets which differ from already-existing classes. Such diversification is achieved through:

  • Investments in living accommodation which deliver a regular and stable return via rental incomes.
  • Land and plot investments which offer appreciation in value through their location and development potential.
  • Another currency. Your real estate investment in US dollars makes one less dependent on the euro.
  • A different continent. Panama is currently displaying the highest economic growth rates worldwide. With this, you can achieve a regional diversification for your investments and reduce eurozone risks.
Our offer

International Property Commitment

An international property commitment has the advantage of combining various economic and real estate market cycles with your investments to date.

Accordingly, we would like to support you locally in a complete and trustful manner. Through our one-stop complete service we want to keep your time expenditure as low as possible.

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