Investment in real estate portfolio

Your investment opportunities

Investment in real estate portfolio

Your investment opportunities

Investment in real estate portfolio

  • In 2017 “FRAPAN-Invest” and “arsago Real Estate” from Frankfurt have entered into a partnership for real estate investments in Panama.
  • We combine decades of real estate experience with local market access and network in Panama.
  • arsago was established in Frankfurt in 2001 and is a successful investment capital manager and asset manager for residential real estate with a track record of over 1 billion euros.
  • At the beginning of 2018, we started building a diversified real estate portfolio in Panama. Investors participate in this as limited partners.
  • Investors diversify their existing assets and achieve regular and attractive rental yields in USD.
  • The subscription phase for this portfolio ended.
Your investment opportunities

Investment in real estate portfolio

  • We are buying in Panama’s prime locations, where employees of multinational corporations such as Nestle, Adidas, the United Nations (and another 250 multinational corporations in Panama) are looking for rentals.
  • Our investments so far have focused on modern apartments in the skyline in the front row of the Pacific Ocean and on apartments in the unique UNESCO Old Town.
  • When selecting properties in Panama, we not only pay attention to finding reliable and long-term tenants, but also to the value of the properties and their locations.
  • We currently buy modern flats in the first row on the Pacific for around USD 2,500 per square metre.
  • Against this background, when selecting properties for purchase, we also rely on being able to achieve lucrative price increases in the future.
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