Panama Visa – Emigrate to Panama & Plan B

Panama Visa – Emigrate to Panama & Plan B

If you want to emigrate to Panama, have a second residence in Panama or want to realize your Plan B, then we are happy to support you with our team in your plans. Panama makes it relatively easy for interested people to officially obtain a residence permit in Panama and a Panama visa. The main visa types in Panama are:

  • Friendly Nations Visa Panama
  • Golden Investor Visa Panama
  • Panama Retirement Visa (Pensionado Visa)

Friendly Nations Visa Panama

  • Panama visa for selected nations.
  • Two-year temporary and following permanent residence in Panama.
  • Inexpensive, but four “visa trips” are required to obtain unrestricted residency in approximately three years.


  • real estate purchase in Panama: min. 200,000 USD, registered in the land register)
  • or: 3-year fixed deposit (min. 200,000 USD)
  • or: employment in Panama

Costs for a. and b. (subject to change, as of January 2024):

  • Visa: 3.700 USD (1st application) / 2.700 USD (2nd application)
  • For each additional family member + 2.306 USD
  • Assistance in opening an account: 700 USD
  • The costs for c. have not yet been published.

Golden Investor Visa Panama

  • Application from abroad
  • Permanent residency in Panama available after approx. 30 days.
  • Fast and efficient way to obtain your second residence in Panama. As only one “visa trip” is necessary to obtain the permanent residence permit.


  • purchase of real estate in Panama:min. 300,000 USD; registered in the land register / 500,000 USD from Oct. 2024
  • or: 5-year fixed deposit (min. 750,000 USD)
  • or: investment in Panama stock market (min. 500,000 USD).

Costs (subject to change, as of January 2024):

  • Visa: 16.500 USD (for each additional family member + 3.500 USD)
  • Assistance in opening an account : 700 USD

Panama Retirement Visa (Pensionado Visa)

  • For retirees who already receive at least USD 1,000 monthly guaranteed pension (state or company pension) from their home country.
  • This pension must be guaranteed for life.
  • Direct application for permanent residence in Panama.
  • Discounts in restaurants, hotels, cultural events, hospitals, etc.
  • You should plan two visa trips to Panama.

Costs (subject to change, as of January 2024):

  • Visa: 2,600 USD
  • Assistance in opening an account : 700 USD

Panama Visa Application – with Frapan-Invest

The following applies to all visa types mentioned:

  • Our partner lawyers in Panama will assist you with the visa process in Panama, opening a bank account in Panama, company foundations, etc.
  • Basically required documents: passport, identity card, police clearance certificate (with apostille), proof of income.
  • For investor visas, one investment per family is sufficient.
  • To maintain the visa, one must be in Panama at least once every two years.
  • There are other types of visas in Panama (timber reforestation, for family members, etc).

From Visa to Citizenship in Panama

The Golden Investor Visa Panama and the Panama Retirement Visa are usually the easiest ways to obtain a second residence in Panama. Emigrating to Panama or even Plan B in Panama can be realised quite easily.

After you have been in possession of a permanent residence for five years, you can apply for your Panama citizenship and your Panama passport. Among other things, you have to pass a Spanish test.

Contact us if you want to emigrate to Panama, realise your Plan B in Panama or apply for a second residence in Panama.


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