Partnership between FRAPAN-Invest and arsago Real Estate

FRAPAN-Invest and arsago Real Estate have formed a partnership for property investments in Panama. We therefore combine decades of property management experience with local market access and networks. Our aim is to be able to offer attractive investments in Panama`s real estate market.

arsago Real Estate was founded in 2001 by an experienced management team which had already been successfully working together for a period of 20 years. The company is active as a manager of investment capital and asset manager for residential real estate in Germany and can look back on a successful track record of many years with renowned investors and investments of over 1 billion euros.

FRAPAN-Invest trustfully offers investors the opportunity to diversify their assets in a new and alternative category, namely that of property investments in Panama. The company is continually active with regard to the profitability of Panama real estate.

Panama Casco Viejo Skyline

Europeans and Asians are only just beginning to discover Panama`s real estate market for themselves. Accordingly, we would like to take on a leading role in the German market which until now has not been in the focus of investors.

Why Panama? Simply because the facts are considerably better than Panama`s reputation

  • One of the fastest growing countries in the world (GDP growth of 8.5% per year since 2002)
  • US dollar as the national currency
  • Guaranteed USA protection
  • More than 130 multinational companies and organisations have their head office for Middle and South America in Panama. These include Adidas, Bayer, Nestle, Roche and also the United Nations
  • Newly-discovered investment opportunities from a European and Asian perspective, with commensurately attractive prices and returns advantage that will change in the future following the onset of diplomatic relations with China and negotiations over a Chinese tourist visa (Link)

The real estate market in Panama counts internationally as one of the most interesting locations for property investment. We would like to be your local trusted adviser and to take care of your investments in Panama.

Profitable, secure and beautiful:
Real estate investments in Panama

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