Restoration project at Plaza Santa Ana

Restoration project at Plaza Santa Ana

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Restoration in UNESCO Old Town

  • Sustainable restoration of a building in the UNESCO Old Town “Casco Viejo” in Panama City.
  • Top location at the church square “Plaza Santa Ana”.
  • We are realising the construction project in the old town of Panama City with investors from Germany, local partners from Panama and bank financing.
  • With our experienced construction partners from Panama, we are targeting a construction period of 2 years. Completion is planned for the end of 2023.
  • We are constructing a mixed-use building with planned 20 apartments in Casco Viejo (67 – 191 sqm / each 1-3 bedroom) and two commercial units.
  • All appartments with two levels. Ground floor flats with private gardens.
  • Roof terrace with pool, gym, lounge.
  • Sales start of the appartments is planned for April / May 2022. We have a list of interested investors.

Restoration in UNESCO Old Town

  • Our restoration in the Old Town of Panama City is a residential building from 1915.
  • Around Plaza Santa Ana, well-known developers have acquired many of the buildings and some have started development.
  • The area is considered the next target for developers, as it is still possible to buy undeveloped properties at attractive prices.
  • As initiators of the project, we are also co-investors.
  • Currently preparing a new construction project.
  • Typically, the following tax benefits are granted for restorations in the Old Town of Panama City:
    – 30 years no property tax
    – 10 years no income tax 
    – 5 years no transfer tax 

Restoration in UNESCO Old Town

  • The old town of Casco Viejo consists of the districts “San Felipe” (approx. 60% restored) and “Santa Ana” (approx. 15% restored).
  • The old town development goes in the direction of Santa Ana, as the prices are still cheaper. Buildings and infrastructure are less developed here than in San Felipe.
  • The centre of the district is “Plaza Santa Ana“.
  • Our restoration project in the old town of Panama City is located directly at Plaza Santa Ana, which is one of the most beautiful in the whole old town with its church, pavilion and tropical trees.
    The nearest metro station is 15 minutes away.

Restoration in UNESCO Old Town


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This video gives an impression of our development in the old town Casco Viejo.

We offer investors the possibility to buy an apartment in the old town of Panama City as well as to participate in such a restoration in Casco Viejo. Please feel free to contact us.


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