A Unique Combination
Why Panama?

A unique combination

Why Panama?

Country and People

  • Democratic government, no internal military.
  • 4.2 million inhabitants, 40% in Panama City.
  • Young population (average age 26 years / Germany 43 years).
  • Language: Spanish / also English due to USA history.
Why Panama?


  • With an average of 6% p.a. GDP growth one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
  • The US dollar as local currency.
  • There are over 250 multinational companies in Panama; more than 130 have their Latin American head office here.
  • Second biggest free trade zone in the world.
Why Panama?


  • USA protects Panama`s borders and guarantees its security.
  • The safest nation in Middle and South America.
  • Panama`s constitution protects private ownership and the land register.
  • The buying process is similar to that in Europe and USA.
Why Panama?

Location and logistics

  • The logistic and trading centre of the American continent.
  • Extension of the Panama Canal completed in June 2016, leading to a doubling of its carrying capacity.
  • American air traffic hub, linking the USA to South America. More than 80 direct connections.
Why Panama?


  • Summerly temperatures on the coast all year round with spring prevailing in the mountain regions.
  • Coastal average temperatures are around 28 degrees (21 degrees at night) and 18 degrees in the mountains. There are few differences in temperature from month to month. In Panama there is a dry period (December – April) and rainy season (May – November). The sun still regularly shines even in the rainy period and there is beach weather all year long.
  • No hurricanes.
  • No large earthquakes.
Why Panama?


  • Beautiful Pacific and Caribbean coasts with the springlike mountains and one of the most diverse rain forests on earth.
  • Development of the tourism sector in governmental focus.
  • Lufthansa to fly directly to Panama again from March 2022.
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