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Your investment opportunities: Boca Brava Island Plot

Investors have the chance to invest in a tropical island project, situated in Panama`s most beautiful and varied province.

Your investment opportunities

Boca Brava island plot

  • 12ha island plot (120.000 sqm) where howler monkeys and sloths can be found.
  • 400 metre sandy beach in a secluded bay with a 600 metre mangrove forest.
  • View of the mountains and volcano.
  • 40 minutes to Panama`s second biggest city that has an international airport and 20 minutes to the Pan-American highway.
  • Site can be reached from the mainland in 3 minutes by boat.
  • Island is 12 kilometres long and up to 6 kilometres wide.
  • The 12 hectare plot is divided into 5 parts which lie adjacent to each other.
Your investment opportunities

„Boca Brava island plot“

  • Investors have the opportunity to directly acquire the individual titled beach properties (each approx. 2ha) for 19 USD / sqm.
  • Alternatively, there is a Master plan to construct a fine beach hotel and apartment complex in order to increase the value of the plot.
  • Our business partner and co-investor is a German hotelier who has lived for over 15 years in Panama and who has decades of experience in international hotel management.
Your investment opportunities

„Boca Brava island plot“

  • One of the plots will be developed.
  • Construction of a beach hotel with 10-12 rooms, pool and jetty. Hotel management thereafter.
  • Plan for an apartment complex.
  • Such accommodation would be sought after by ecotourists, divers, whale watchers, yoga clubs and Panamanian families. At present, demand for accommodation greatly outweighs supply.
  • Our partner already owns a boutique hotel in the coffee highlands which is 1.5 hours away by car. We can therefore offer mountain as well as beach vacations.
Your investment opportunities

„Boca Brava island plot“

  • Through the development of the first plot, the remaining four will also increase in value as they benefit from the improved infrastructure (water, electricity, paths) and the project in general.
  • The region is currently profiting from Del Monte`s 100 million USD project and further infrastructure investments to boot.
Your investment opportunities

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