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Klaus Happ supports with his business consulting for Panama those companies that want to become commercially active or expand their business in Panama. Due to his experience and contacts he supports to find interesting business opportunities and partners in Panama. As a business consultant for Panama he carries out together with a business law firm in Panama City, which is historically very well connected in the country (in business, politics and to the important families of the region).

Panama is the fastest growing country in the western world (GDP growth since 2002 approx. 8% p.a. / according to the IMF for the next four years at approx. 6% p.a.) and has the USD as its national currency. These are two important characteristics of a country in which growth and legal security provide a good basis for commercial activities. In this context, more than 130 multinational corporations have their headquarters for Central and South America in Panama and use the country as a "Hub of the Americas" due to its outstanding geographical location. Panama serves not only as a safe investment location, but also as a starting point for expanding business activities to other Latin American countries.

The following objectives are the goals of the business consulting Panama:

  • Diversification of the business portfolio
  • Panama as "Hub of the Americas" offers access to all of Latin America
  • Participation in economic growth in Panama
  • Investment security through Western structure and political stability with USD as currency

Our service

  • Advising international companies on their planned business activities in Panama
  • Business and delegation trips to Panama to discuss concrete project implementations with Panama's decision-makers from business and government
  • Presentation of interesting projects in Panama before they are put out to tender
  • Mediation of potential joint venture partners in Panama
  • Legal advice on the establishment of a company and the tendering process
  • Networking and lobby work
Event with ambassador Dr. Guido Spasadfora

(Event with ambassador Dr. Guido Spadadfora)

In particular, the following projects and topics in Panama are interesting for companies:

  • Infrastructure and Logistic Projects
  • Panama Canal Projects (industrial / logistics parks, container port, energy and water projects)
  • International Airport Panama City (Planning & Construction of an Airport City, Industrial Park, etc.)
  • Smart City & Intelligent Traffic and Parking Solutions
  • Renewable Energies
  • Recycling, environmental and water systems
  • New copper mine
  • Tourism

Klaus Happ
Klaus Happ is married to a Panameña, lives in Frankfurt and is in Panama every two months. Until 2017, he worked for 23 years as a capital market specialist at UBS and Dresdner Bank. Since 2017 his real estate company "FRAPAN-Invest, Corp." has been operating in Panama and he is the Managing Director of the German real estate holding company "arsago Panama". Since 2017 he has been advising German companies and has travelled to Panama for various delegations and entrepreneurs, including "Bayern International". Together with the ambassador he was Panama's representative at the "Central America Day of the German Economy in 2018" (Info-Link) and the same at the "Panama Business Forum in Hamburg 2019" (Info-Link) and in Frankfurt 2019 (Info-Link). Furthermore, he accompanies companies from Panama (e.g. Panama Pacifico) to expand their business in Germany.

Business Consulting Panama: We support you as a professional and experienced partner

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