Corona Virus in Panama / Update 04 October 2021

The corona situation in Panama has strongly improved and is at a stable level. There are almost no more curfews. They now offer Corona vaccination trips to Panama for tourists from neighbouring countries, as they are doing very well with the vaccinations in Panama. There is no mandatory vaccination. Below you will find information around the Corona situation, the vaccination strategy and the impact of the pandemic on life, travel and the economy.

Health (figures as of 03 October 2021)

  • There are currently 3.095 active cases.
  • The R-value is 0,82
  • Panama performs the same number of tests per capita as Germany.
  • The percentage of positive tests is currently 2 – 5% daily.
  • The intensive care beds have never been fully utilized.
  • Corona vaccination (Biontech/Pfizer und AstraZeneca) started in Panama in January. Approximately 70% of the population have received at least one dose of vaccine and 50% are fully vaccinated.
  • 75% of those over 12 are fully vaccinated.
  • There is no mandatory vaccination.
  • So far, 10% of the Panamanian population has been infected with Corona. Taking into account the estimated number of unreported cases, this figure should be about 25%, which is much closer to herd immunity.
  • The graph shows the weekly trend (March 20 – Sept 21) of new infections (bars) and the test positive rate (curve / data link).


  • All sectors of the economy are open.
  • The support payment for socially weak people is 120 USD per month. As unemployment has skyrocketed, this amount is barely enough for many poorer families.
  • Current estimates predict economic growth of +12% in 2021 (2020: -17%).

Life in Panama

  • In Panama City and in almost all other regions, there are currently no longer any curfew restrictions. Exceptions are Colón, Panama Oeste and Chiriquí (daily 01.00am – 04.00am).
  • There is still a mask requirement, which also applies outdoors. This is to be lifted, but the date has not yet been fixed.
  • The government measures the corona risk of the individual regions on the basis of certain indicators (R-value, hospital occupancy rate, etc.) and adopts region-specific measures on the basis of this.

Travel to Panama

  • Since 12 October 2020 Panama Citys International Airport is open again.
  • Fully vaccinated persons may enter Panama without presenting a Corona test. Current entry regulations can be found in the previous link or on the page of the German Foreign Office.
  • Panama offers vaccination trips for tourists to get vaccinated against Corona in Panama from 01 October 2021.
  • Departing travelers can take a Corona test at Panama City Airport (if required by their home country).


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