“Golden Investor Visa” in Panama

The new “Golden Investor Visa” in Panama allows investors to apply for their second residence from abroad and receive it after just 30 days. This visa type requires an investment e.g. in real estate of at least 300,000 USD (from October 2022 it will be 500,000 USD) and a holding period of at least five years. All existing visa types in Panama will continue to exist and after 5 years you can apply for your Panama passport and citizenship. However, there are plans to make the Friendly Nations visa more difficult. This is the easiest form so far. Click on the link to find our “Visa & Invest Factsheet” with all information.

Klaus Happ’s real estate company “FRAPAN-Invest” advises investors who want to invest in real estate in Panama and also administers these properties. In addition, Klaus supports companies that want to become entrepreneurially active in Panama.

The real estate market in Panama is internationally one of the most interesting locations for real estate investments and we would like to be your local representative and take care of your real estate in Panama on a sustainable basis.

Profitable, safe and beautiful:
Investments in Panama

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