What effect will Trump have on Panama?

This question is just as difficult to answer as the one relating to the influence of his politics on the entire world…

I would, however, like to provide you with some interesting information:

  • Donald Trump has his roots in the real estate sector and opened his first hotel outside of the USA in Panama in 2011. He was present at the opening ceremony and was especially taken with Panama itself.
  • As President of the USA he is now trying to strengthen the economy at home, specifically the US oil and energy markets in the field of liquid natural gas. That means positive news for Panama, as the recently extended Panama Canal can now for the first time handle the huge tankers necessary for this business. For the US energy companies it brings a time and cost saving of over 30% on the way to their biggest customers in Asia. For Panama it brings a further source of income. On the following link you can find a very informative Bloomberg report (simply click).
  • President Trump would like to economically burden those nations with whom the US has a trade deficit. The USA has, in fact, a trading surplus with Panama, so the country is not on the radar here.
  • When it was announced that Donald Trump would be the USA`s next President, the website of the citizenship office in Canada crashed. We have noticed something similar in Panama. Institutions which help foreigners to settle in Panama have undergone a wave of demand from the US. This serves to bring affluent people to Panama who wish to live in the country and can do the economy some good.
  • Can there also be a negative influence on Panama through the new President? Yes, of course. At the moment the matter remains open, as it does all over the world.


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