Corona Virus in Panama / Update 25 June 2020

Here you will find the latest information on the Corona Virus in Panama (figures as of June 24, 2020):

  • There are currently 28,030 cases and 547 deaths.
  • Mortality rate is 1.95% (global average 5.15%).
  • Number of tests performed per day has tripled in the last few weeks. This makes Panama one of the countries on the American continent where most tests are performed per capita. Meanwhile, “door-to-door” testing is being carried out in more affected areas.
  • The strict quarantine guidelines for the 10 provinces of Panama have been significantly relaxed due to the better case numbers. However, in two provinces of Panama (including Panama City) so-called “clusters” have formed in a few districts (mostly densely populated by poorer population). This has led to the two provinces falling back into the strict quarantine guidelines. Here of course the displeasure of the population and entrepreneurs in the two affected provinces is growing after meanwhile 3 months of restrictions.
  • These two provinces account for 85% of the new corona cases in the whole country. In some other provinces there are no more new corona cases at all.
  • The sectors of Panama’s economy have been divided into six blocks, according to which their reopening is regulated (Overview of the mentioned economic blocs). Block 1 and 2 are open. Block 3 is now opened at different times from province to province, depending on the number of corona cases. In addition to the Panama Canal, banks, lawyers and, as of Monday, tax consultants and accountants will also be working. In general, the main restriction is that companies are only allowed to work at a capacity of 25%. In addition, they must observe strict hygiene guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.
  • The international passenger airport in Panama City is closed until 23.07.2020.


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