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Panama City: Investing in a top location on a budget

Panama City is an up-and-coming destination for real estate investors looking for exclusive prime locations at reasonable prices. The modern high-rise city, the charming UNESCO Old Town of Casco Viejo and the Panama Canal area all offer exciting investment opportunities that make it possible to invest in an urban environment with an excellent capital investment. In this article, we will take a closer look at the districts and present the most attractively priced property project in an exclusive location in Panama City. And each of the projects is suitable for applying for a residence permit in Panama.

The modern city with Avenida Balboa as an attractive investment location for your Plan B in Panama:

In the modern high-rise city near Avenida Balboa, you will find impressive skyscrapers and a first-class infrastructure. Tenants appreciate the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, metro stations and workplaces. The modern high-rises offer amenities such as gyms, pools, children’s playgrounds and concierge services. Buying a property in this part of the city promises an urban lifestyle, high-quality building amenities and ongoing rental income in US dollars.

We recommend the Armonia new-build project as the most attractively priced real estate project in an exclusive location in the modern city. Here you have the opportunity to invest from as little as USD 150,000 in a top location with a renowned developer. Universities, hospitals, subway stations and a new supermarket are in the immediate vicinity. The Armonia project is an excellent capital investment that is interesting for both young investors and experienced real estate buyers. It certainly helps you to implement your Plan B in Panama. I bought an apartment here myself. Click here for more information on the Armonia project.

Casco Viejo, the UNESCO old town, as a historic investment location for a residence permit in Panama

The UNESCO old town of Casco Viejo offers a unique historical ambience with charming streets and restored buildings. Here you will find boutiques, cozy cafés and first-class restaurants. A property in Casco Viejo not only offers a touch of history, but also attractive potential returns when renting or reselling. In addition, the Airbnb rental option offers the opportunity to use the property temporarily yourself. As the supply of properties in Casco Viejo is limited due to its location, future price increases can be expected. Also worth noting are the tax breaks, such as no property tax for 30 years and no tax on rental income for 10 years. Click here for the report on positive development in Casco Viejo.

The Casa Antigua Domingo project offers the best value for money in the UNESCO Old Town for apartments between 300,000 and 500,000 USD. Available apartments directly on Plaza Santa Ana start at just over USD 300,000. These small, split-level apartments with 67 square meters are ideal for Air B’n’B rentals. There are 7 apartments still available as of November 2023. So act now to avoid missing out on this attractive investment opportunity. Click for more information about Casa Antigua.

Airbnb at the Panama Canal

Airbnb at the Panama Canal

In an exceptional location for Airbnb rentals, apartments ranging from 60 sqm to 106 sqm are being built in Panama City at the Panama Canal. Prices start at $280,000 USD. The prime location offers short walks to the convention center and just a 5-minute drive to the cruise terminal. These apartments are suitable for both personal use and Airbnb rentals. The purchase price includes full furnishings and a parking space. Payment terms are liquidity-friendly, with 70% due upon completion.

The renowned developer plans to commence construction in January 2025, with an estimated duration of three years. The project features social areas with an infinity pool, fitness studio, restaurant, and bar. Since February 2024, a new bridge provides a direct connection to the UNESCO-listed Casco Viejo historic district and downtown. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Panama Canal, the sea, and the islands. The serene location offers abundant recreational opportunities nearby. Experience the beauty of the Panama Canal while earning passive income through Airbnb rentals.


With a limited budget, it is possible to invest in prime locations in Panama City and implement your Plan B in Panama. The modern high-rise city, the Panama Canal, and the UNESCO-listed Casco Viejo historic district all offer attractive investment opportunities for real estate investors seeking residency in Panama and a backup plan in the country. Your decision on where to invest depends on personal preferences and requirements. The modern city offers an urban lifestyle and well-equipped buildings, while the historic district provides a unique historical ambiance and attractive return possibilities. These investments also allow you to apply for your residency permit in Panama.

Take the opportunity to invest in a top location on a budget and implement your Plan B in Panama! Find out more about real estate in Panama and the application for a residence permit in Panama.


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The real estate market in Panama is internationally one of the most interesting for investments. We would like to be your trusted local partner and assist you with the initial purchase. Additionally, we can take care of your real estate in Panama in a sustainable way.

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